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Get to know this Allrecipes Allstar—and try one of her favorite recipes.
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Dakari Akorede (@Chef.Chicageaux) is a football and barbecue superfan. He shares his story — and his most popular recipe.
Meet Allrecipes Allstar Shelia Johnson
Shelia Johnson, a video host, passionate producer, and amazing cook, shares her story.
Allrecipes Cook to Follow: Yolanda Gutierrez
This California grandmother loves baking cookies, infusing tequila, watching telenovelas, and riding her Harley-Davidson.
Meet Nora Roy, an Allrecipes Cook to Follow
SunnyDaysNora shares how the Allrecipes community creates a sense of real belonging.
Allrecipes Cook to Follow: Jessica Lawson
Meet Jessia Lawson: food blogger, life coach, and passionate advocate for girls struggling with poverty.

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